Lora Mander


Lora ManderLora Mander is a stage director, producer and American dialect coachbased in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Growing up in the multi-cultural city of Houston, Texas, she was influenced by a strong artsculture. She attended the prestigious High School for Performing and Visual Arts, studying voice. Following her graduation, she attended Baldwin-Wallace College (now Baldwin-Wallace University) in Ohio, graduating with honours and received a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Music. In 2005, Lora moved to London, England and completed a Master’s in Theatre Directing from St Mary’s College.

As a director, Lora's focus is developing new writing, often working with new writers. She has worked closely with up-and-coming writers Sarah KosarEsther O’Toole, Neil Smith, and Giles Morris. 

Orange Theatre Company

Lora moved to Amsterdam in 2011, where she started Orange Theatre Company (Formerly Orange Tea Theatre Company) with actor Eli Thorne. Together they have developed an international ensemble of actors and produced several new plays.  In 2015, Lora lead the development of Strange Divide by Esther O'Toole, a play exploring the radical advancement of technology, artificial intelligence and biotechnology, as well as Since Maggie Went Away written and performed by Jacqueline Nolan, and exposing one family's history with the abuses in the Irish Catholic church.  

Lora has directed European premieres for Orange Tea Theatre including; American Midget by Jonathan Yukich, a second production of Stag by Giles Morris, 99 Layoffs by Vincent Delaney, I am I by Mike Czuba, and various short plays from Tony DeFeo, Kevin Jones, Mark Harvey Levine.  Additionally, she has directed many play readings for  many professional playwrights.

In 2018, Lora stepped down as Co-Artistic director and under the new leadership, it has been named Orange Theatre Company. 


Since 2012, Lora has created a successful coaching studio, working with actors to develop their skills in speaking with an American dialect.  Her expertise in clear, neutral dialect has led her to work with several film production companies, including Conijn Films and Milestone-Amsterdam.  Lora also works with non-actors to develop their marketing and public speaking skills.