Lora Mander


Lora has developed a studio that prepares Dutch and non-native English speaking actors for quality performances in American dialect. Her one-on-one training features lessons that develop a clear understanding of the range of American vowel and consonants, combining that with vocal exercises and proper usage in a wide variety of texts. Lora prepares actors and non-actors for important auditions, musical recordings, presentations, and general use of the American dialect. Clients include Carice van Houten, Sallie Harmsen, Carolien Spoor, Robert de Hoog, Gaite Jansen, and Yannick van de Velde

Lora is available to coach actors on set,  in studio for ADR recordings, or check film dialect during editing.

Are you looking help with public speaking? Lora's expert training will help you find the voice and confidence you need to be comfortable in the public eye.

For rates, please contact Lora at lora.mander@gmail.com